MD 900 Explorer   msn: 900-00047

OE-XAD, pictured just after the crash at Bad Vöslau, Austria.

Photo: LOAV, 31 October 2007.

Photo: LOAV, 31 October 2007.

OE-XAD, Knaus Helicopter, pictured at the Hinterglemm base.

Photo: Niels Oppitz, Saalbach - Hinterglemm, 28 July 2005.

D-HUAX, Operated by Knaus Helicopter, callsign "Martin Zwei".

Photo: Andreas Stoeckl, Terfens- Weisslahn, 3 November 2004.

The second D-HUAX of Heli Union Air, Germany.

Photo: Jan Makkus, AIREX 2002, Istanbul, Jun 2002.

N92067 with Boeing markings, captured at Fort Lauderdale Executive.

Photo: Peter van Stelle, KFXE, 2 October 1997.

N92067 pictured on the factory ramp at Mesa, Arizona.

 Airframe History:
 Date: Tailnumber: Owner / Operator:
 APR 1997 N92067  MD Helicopters, Mesa, Arizona
 DEC 2001 D-HUAX  Heli Union Air, Germany
 MAY 2004 D-HUAX  KNAUS, Austria
 JUN 2005 OE-XAD  KNAUS, Austria
 OCT 2007 OE-XAD  accident at Bad Vöslau, Austria

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