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PH-GOV, Boeing 737-700, msn: 64970, hex: 485920

PH-GOV / 6845, Dutch Government, showing its fresh new livery at Ostrava-Mosnov.
The BBJ was ferried the same day from Ostrava-Mosnov to Woensdrecht for final completion.

Photo: Jan Jurecka, LKMT, 15 May 2018.

PH-GOV / 6845, The green BBJ was captured after its ferry flight from Woensdrecht
to Ostrava-Mosnov, Czech Republic, where a new livery will be applied.

Photo: Jan Jurecka, LKMT, 26 April 2018.

N513BJ / 6845, During February 2018 this green BBJ with line-number 6845 was first seen on the
production ramp at Renton Municipal. A few days later it performed its maiden flight on 5 March 2018.
On 9 March 2018 it was flown from Boeing Field to Georgetown Coastal airport for installation of a long-
range fuel tank. On 24 April the green BBJ was ferried to Woensdrecht where it arrived the next morning.
Tail-number N513BJ was cancelled from the FAA register on 25 April. The next day the PH-GOV was ferried
to Ostrava-Mosnov to be painted. When the BBJ returns to Woensdrecht, Fokker Technologies will start to
install a 24 seat vip interior, that will take about one year to complete. Delivery will be early 2019.

Photo: Lou Baltussen, EHWO, 25 April 2018.

PH-GOV, Dutch Goverment. This artist impression of a concept livery was released by the
Ministerie van Infrastructuur & Milieu during May 2017.

PH-GOV, Dutch Goverment. This concept livery, showing a grey body and blue vertical tail,
very much resembles the Chilean Air Force Boeing 707 and 767 aircraft.

PH-GOV, Boeing 737-700. A concept study of the Dutch Goverment BBJ livery. The design of a new
livery will be a challenge. To much orange will associate the aircraft with a European budget airline.

Photo: Artists impression by Lila Design, April 2017.

During November 2016 the Dutch Government decided to replace their current government aircraft,
Fokker 70 PH-KBX. Initially they intended to replace the Fokker 70 with a pre-owned longrange model.
After an extensive search they decided to buy a factory new Boeing 737-BBJ. The final contract was
signed late April 2017. Delivery is expected early 2019. The 24 passenger interior will be installed and
completed by Fokker Technologies at Woensdrecht. Tailnumber PH-GOV (Government) has been reserved.
Tailnumber PH-KWA (Koning Willem Alexander) will not be used.

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