Dutch Biz Jets    

PH-GOV, Boeing 737-xxx, msn: 6xxxx, hex: 484...

PH-GOV, Boeing 737-700. A concept study of the Dutch Goverment BBJ livery. The design of a new
livery will be a challenge. To much orange will associate the aircraft with a European budget airline.

Photo: Artists impression by Lila Design, April 2017.

During November 2016 the Dutch Government decided to replace their current government aircraft,
Fokker 70 PH-KBX. Initially they intended to replace the Fokker 70 with a pre-owned longrange model.
After an extensive search they decided to buy a factory new Boeing 737-BBJ. The final contract will
be signed late April 2017. Delivery is expected early 2019. The 24 passenger interior will be installed
and completed by Fokker Technologies at Woensdrecht. Sofar it is unknown if the Boeing Business Jet will
be a -700, -800, -900 or maybe even a MAX version. Tailnumber PH-GOV (Government) has been reserved.
Tailnumber PH-KWA (Koning Willem Alexander) will not be used.

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